Active Posture Control

The iSleep Bed:
We combined four different technologies to improve sleep comfort and support your back properly. This combination of features is not found in any other bed, including the ordinary number bed found in the mall. The result is near-perfect sleep posture with comfort just the way you want it.

    1. PERSONAL ADJUSTABLITY. Separate air chambers for each sleeper so you can have the perfect firmness on your side of the bed at the touch of a button.
    1. SUPPORT FOR CORRECT SLEEP POSTURE. Polymer InnerCoils are matched to different areas of your body for stress free postural support. The patented InnerCoils are placed inside the air chambers to gently support you at any firmness level that you choose. This keeps your back aligned.
    1. PRESSURE RELIEVING FOAM COMFORT. Above the air chambers is a combination of pressure relieving foams for comfort and cushioning of shoulders and hips.
  1. OPTIONAL SMART TEMPERATURE CONTROL. Each side of the bed has an optional adjustable therapeutic temperature control. Sleep at your preferred temperature. Warm feet and a cool head is the way many people prefer their bed.

These technologies improve sleep and increase comfort…

The firmness of each side of the bed is separately adjustable. Everyone has a unique body and sense of comfort. When it comes to comfort, compromise is a certainty when two people share the same bed. Just ask any woman whose husband insisted on a rock-hard mattress. Or a husband smothering in a cushy mattress chosen by his wife. The iSleep Bed settles the argument. It’s built with separate air chambers so each sleep partner can change how hard or soft they make their side of the bed � without compromise.
These two images are pressure measurements of a sleeper on the iSleep Bed at a firm and a soft setting. The green areas feel less firm compared to the yellow and red areas. Notice that the contact area with the mattress decreases at the more firm setting.

The red in the right image shows the very firm areas. The iSleep Bed can be adjusted at the touch of a button for your personal body and preferences to eliminate those uncomfortable pressure points.

We have added Zoned InnerCoils because air alone does not provide enough support. This prevents sagging at even the softest of comfort settings. The Zoned InnerCoil support system and the near-perfect sleep posture they provide, is one of the most significant iSleep product differences.

The first of the two images above represents the posture of a sleeper on the iSleep Bed with Zoned InnerCoil differentiated support. The second image represents the posture from other beds without differentiated support

For proper spinal alignment, sleeping posture should resemble good standing posture with the ear-shoulder-pelvis-ankle all in alignment. Other air mattresses allow the heavier parts of your body to sink into the mattress and push the lighter parts (head and feet) upwards. It is like squeezing the center of a balloon. This hammock posture reduces the lumbar and cervical curves. It also reduces lung capacity and increases the effort required to breathe during sleep.

Optionally, the iSleep Bed includes individually adjustable therapeutic temperature controls for both sleepers. Cold feet or a bed surface that’s colder than your body can disrupt the depth of your sleep. You wake without feeling refreshed and you aren’t even sure why. A bed surface that is too warm is just as uncomfortable and can also disrupt sleep.

The iSleep Bed gives you the option of turning on therapeutic warmth that targets specific areas of the body: cool by your head, a little warmth to relax your back, a little more on your aching knees and thighs, and the most on your chronically cold feet. Each side of the bed can also be controlled individually.

Studies have shown that warm hands and feet shorten the time it takes to fall to sleep (sleep latency) and improves sleep. Warm feet promotes better blood circulation and actually helps to cool your upper body.

No two people produce the same amount of heat at night (it is related to your metabolism and body weight) and generally people do not agree on sleeping temperature. With the iSleep Bed you can set the temperature for your comfort and the computer control will maintain that steady temperature all night.

Humans perspire a pint or more of water every night. Much of that liquid is absorbed into the mattress (the iSleep Bed has a cover designed to minimize that absorbtion) and the temperature control unit helps evaporate that moisture during the day.

Temperature is one of the four critical elements of a quality sleep system.

Pressure Relieving foam conforms to you for comfort. Ah�a thick layer of our proprietary foam foam cradles you in luxurious comfort and cushions knobby knees, bony hips, and protruding shoulders. It shapes itself to the contours of your form. Don’t worry, if you like a firm bed the air chamber adjustability will supply that.

Unlike other foams its pressure-relieving ability supports your body without interfering with your normal and necessary night time movement and it is free from that chemical smell. The choice of this pressure relieving foam was an important one and completes the basic requirements of the iSleep Bed.

Please, call 800-219-3151 our experienced sleep specialists are here to help you.

The iSleep Bed is custom manufactured, specifically to fit you, in our production facility and shipped fully assembled direct to your home. Most iSleep Beds are built to doctor’s prescription, however, we also build at individual request. There is only one iSleep Bed, the best we can build.